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Stupid Gravity.



It’s a thing and I have it. I have been suffering from symptoms since I was 18. The first few years were rough because I tried to “tough it out” and “fight through it.” It is much more of a ‘go with the flow’ kinda problem than the type to overcome.  I’ve been physically and emotionally doing better since figuring that out.

So for the most part I’m at peace with my chronic pain. I don’t know what causes it (arthritis literally means joint pain and is used to describe any condition that causes joint pain. That’s a very long and broad list that includes ‘undiagnosable.’ I’m that).  I do know how to roll with it.

But every once in a while….

I fell the other day. I live in a country made of ice. These things happen. Falls are actually kinda terrifying because of the amount of damage they can do to me because of my disease. I once fell into a snow bank, which readjected my back, which left me confined to the couch and popping pain killers like pez for three days.

This tine wasn’t that bad. It’s just stupid. I landed on my left knee and my left hand. No bruises and didn’t manage to scrape anything. Stood up, did a quick check, and thought I might have lucked out.


I somehow injured my neck and  my right hip.

Go figure.

It’s not even that bad. My neck is already better and my hip is just being cranky because I use that leg to walk. It will be cleared up in a few days. But seriously, I fell on my left side and my right side took all the damage.

This is stupid. 
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